Taxidermy Show

We had the NC Taxidermy show last week.Chandler and Mason like to do stuff for the show but this year they will really dragging their heels and I didn’t think they would have their stuff completed.Chandler picked a bluegill and Mason picked a grey fox.They both learned a lot and had fun with it,other than […]

Firefighting Taxidermist

Or it could be Firefighter doing taxidermy.I like both and both can be a lot of fun. When this website was made, I wanted to add some stuff about me being a firefighter because a lot of people don’t know that side of me.I work 24 hour shifts a couple times a week and I’m […]

Habitat bases

There are so many possibilities when putting a piece together.You can add rocks,oak leaves,moss,etc… I have my own molds to make a few different size rocks and I also have a mold to make mushrooms.The rocks can be painted/finished however you want them to look.The pictures I’m posting with this show me casting just parts […]


More and more coyotes are being brought into the shop each year.You have a few different options and the prices vary.They can be mounted lifesize(full mount) and that can be open mouth or closed mouth.There are many different poses to choose from. You can also just get the full skin tanned to hang on the […]

Tundra Swans

I work on quite a few Tundra Swans every year. They are challenging,sometimes difficult because of their size but it’s fun.There are a few different options for mounting them including flying,swimming,standing,and also a shoulder mount/breast mount. We have been hunting them for a number of years.In NC you have to apply for the permit by […]

So many options….

There are so many options and ways of doing things for your trophy room,cabin,or beach house.These pictures I have attached are examples.The flying duck is a Widgeon.I think the picture really sets it off. The turkey feet are finished like deerfeet gunrack mounts.I’ve made casts of people’s hands and put fish in them.If you are […]

Bird skull cleaning by beetles

I had mentioned in a previous post that bird skulls could be cleaned by beetles.It’s another option of something to do with your birds.I’m going to make a barnboard background with trophy plate labels for some that I have and will post it in a few months.You could also get a bunch of them done […]

Bass Taxidermy

The thing I work on probably the most is largemouth bass.You can get creative with them just like all the other animals.You can just put them on driftwood to hang on the wall or you can do water splashes,you can have them chasing baitfish and frogs,you can have them closed mouth or open mouth,etc…the possibilities […]

Reptile Taxidermy

Reptiles can be really cool mounts and can be done by themselves or could be done to add to a base with other animals.I can also get all kinds of reproduction reptiles that turn out just as nice as the real thing.They are finished the same as reproduction fish are.They are casted from a mold […]

Small game animals

I mentioned in a previous post that mammals could be done in many different ways.Some of the pictures I will be posting with this were work in progress and still drying/unpainted. With small game animals there are lifesize forms laying down,climbing,chasing dinner,howling,jumping,running. Pretty much anything you can think of.They can be done open mouth or […]