About Wyrick’s Taxidermy

Taxidermy has been a passion of mine, something I wanted to learn more about, since my youth. At 16, I started the process of learning the art. After high school I attended Piedmont Community College and worked in taxidermy part-time. In 2001, I was able to open Wyrick’s Taxidermy as a full-time business that has been thriving ever since. Along with the work I complete, I enjoy learning new skills and competing at shows. Every year I attend conventions and events that help to broaden my knowledge and showcase my work.

Through the years I have acquired numerous ribbons and awards, such as NC Certified Taxidermist, a prestigious award in competition. Recently my children have shown interest in taxidermy and have begun to compete, earning their first awards and recognitions as well. I work with any and all legally taken game. I’ve became good friends with a bunch of other taxidermists and have worked with them on various projects .I have expierience in all aspects of taxidermy.

Fish are my favorite thing to work on. I’ve done wholesale fish work for taxidermists from over 20 different states.Bass march13 kids taxidermy competition














In 1998 I became a volunteer firefighter for the Town of Gibsonville .The first certification I completed was Medical Responder. I was a volunteer until 2007 when I was hired by the town as a Paid Firefighter working 24 hour shifts. We formed a Firefighters Challenge Team at Gibsonville. I’ve won a few awards at these Challenges. They are courses/obstacles set up in different scenarios that we might face in real life. The object of the course is to be the fastest without breaking pre-set rules. I’ve taken many different classes as a Firefighter. I’m certified as a EMT, Fire Instructor, Aerial Operator, Fire & Life Safety Educator,Driver Operator and Fire Officer. My current rank is Lieutenant/EMT/Town Safety Officer. I’m also permanent Chairman of the Town’s Safety Committee.

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I’ve been married for 14yrs and my wife’s name is Nicole. She usually doesn’t get too involved in the business..lol