A couple recent repair jobs on very old mounts………..

I haven’t had quite as many repairs/repaint jobs this year but I wanted to post a couple with before and after pictures. One is a VERY old Barbosa ram.A mouse had ate the nose off of it and left lots of droppings in the wool.I was able to sculpt a new nose and clean the […]

Deer season is here again……

Summer fishing was decent for us but we didn’t catch many large fish.Fall fishing started out the same way. Lots of fish but not many big ones. We made another trip to the Outer Banks in early October and we were able to catch a few small drum. We were looking forward to hunting again. […]

Fall 2015

Summer is over and it’s time for deer season once again. We have done very little to get ready because we have still been having fun catching bass.Fishing has been good to us this year.We have been out on the lakes and ponds a whole lot and have been saltwater fishing a couple times. Mason […]

Summer 2015 What’s New

We are finally finished with Taxidermy Shows for a few months.We went to 2 shows in 2 weeks in July. The Nationals and then the NC Taxidermy Show. The next show for us won’t be until January. The Big Rock is a lot of fun and I guess we will start deciding soon what we […]

Spring 2015

We are still working on all kinds of animals right now. The beetles are starting to eat better with this warmer weather so skulls should start going a little quicker.Turkeys are starting to roll in now. We have been trying to get out to turkey hunt and bass fish all we can.I haven’t got any […]

It has been a while…..

It has been months since I added a new post so here goes…. We went to the North American Taxidermy Championships in January 2015.Mason won “Best Youth” with a whitetail. Chandler took a Carp and got a 2nd place ribbon.I had a few things and got a few ribbons. Recently I earned the Advanced Firefighter […]

What’s new………

It has been a couple months since I have had a chance to make a new post or add any pictures.We have moved and I’m trying to get everything right as far as the shop and house goes.We are now at 1629 Birchwood Dr Burlington,NC 27217.If you know anything about Alamance County,its off of Burch […]

Old fish mount repair

I’ve gotten in quite a few repair jobs over the past few months.Here is a couple fish that were finished recently.One was supposed to be like 70yrs old and the other one was mounted in the 70’s.Check out the before and after pictures.It’s amazing what can be done.If you have a old mount that needs […]

Upcoming turkey season

Well turkey season is back around again.Hopefully we will have some decent weather and everyone will have good luck.At Wyrick’s Taxidermy we do breast mounts,tail fan mounts,and full/lifesize mounts.Let me know if you need anything. I also still make turkey heads for fan mounts and could still make you a couple heads even if you […]

New opportunities…must read

I had hinted on Facebook a few times that something big was going on with the business.I was waiting to see what was going to happen with it and now that it’s over,I’m going to talk a little about it.I’m not going to mention specifics because I don’t want to hinder any further chances or […]