A couple recent repair jobs on very old mounts………..

I haven’t had quite as many repairs/repaint jobs this year but I wanted to post a couple with before and after pictures.
One is a VERY old Barbosa ram.A mouse had ate the nose off of it and left lots of droppings in the wool.I was able to sculpt a new nose and clean the wool. These are a very tough job when they are that nasty.It looked like it had been in storage for many years.
The flounder was repainted and the fins were repaired.It was SOOOOO Big that it could have been mistaken for a halibut.It was caught something like 40-50yrs ago.
I can repair multiple things including broken antlers, broken or missing fish fins,etc….I have had fish come in that were missing the tail and a couple inches of the body.Almost anything can be repaired.If you have a fish with paint flaking off, it can be repainted and will most likely look better than when it was first mounted/painted because the paint is much better now.ram1