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1975094_10152122001083267_1101251395_nIt has been a couple months since I have had a chance to make a new post or add any pictures.We have moved and I’m trying to get everything right as far as the shop and house goes.We are now at 1629 Birchwood Dr Burlington,NC 27217.If you know anything about Alamance County,its off of Burch Bridge Rd and is close to Lake Cammack. Right now I have my work area and showroom separated until I can add on.I have about as much total area between the 2 but lower ceilings which makes a difference trying to hang everything. I
We have been working on many different projects and are still doing a few video clips here and there(even though our TV deal fell through).Search Wyrick’s Taxidermy on YouTube and you will find a few random videos I have posted there.
I have posted a group picture on the gallery page of me and the kids after the NC taxidermists show and will also add it to this post.Mason won “Best Youth” for a Koi Carp he had at the show.It was the first weekend of August.
As far as the Fire Dept goes,it has been the same ole thing lately,not much going on.I did finish my certification for MESH (Manager of Environmental Safety and Health) and also finished the Command certificate portion of my degree in Fire Protection that I will still be working on.
We have been trying to Bass fish whenever possible but it hasn’t been much of a year for us as far as catching Big Fish. We got our Skeeter boat partially wrapped in Mossy Oak and I will also add a picture of it.I think it’s now one of the coolest boats on the water.
My cell number is still the same but our house number has changed.Its now (336)395-3343.
Cell is (336)516-2576