Small game animals

I mentioned in a previous post that mammals could be done in many different ways.Some of the pictures I will be posting with this were work in progress and still drying/unpainted.

With small game animals there are lifesize forms laying down,climbing,chasing dinner,howling,jumping,running. Pretty much anything you can think of.They can be done open mouth or closed mouth.They can be put on driftwood,artificial rocks,large elaborate bases with leaves,rocks,etc…

Small game animals can also just be shoulder mounts if it is damaged to much to use the rest of it.There are many creative ways these can be finished.They can sit on a table or hang on the wall.

Small game animals can be tanned and made into rugs.A form can be put in the head and you can have a felt border and liner just like a bear rug.

You can also just get a full skin dry-tanned.The turn out very nice.

And last but not least another option to do with your trophy is get the skull cleaned and whitened.

Here are just a few options possible:

coyote rug otter1 coyote OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA lifesi2 fox squirrel grey fox taxidermy skunk otter lamb4 Small Game