Skull cleaning with beetles

We use Dermestid Beetles in my shop for skull cleaning. We do a lot of whitetails,bears,boars,coyotes,bobcats. A lot more people are going with the European mounts.Prices vary depending on the style of plaque used.You can also get your bird skulls cleaned and a few people have gotten me to clean Snapping Turtle shells with the beetles.They do a good job and get them very clean.After skulls are cleaned,they are washed/degreased and then whitened.Even Velvet buck skulls can be cleaned.The antlers are cut off then re-attached after its cleanedGive us a call, Craig (336)516-2576                                                                                                                                                                                    velvet buck skull coyote skull non-typical skull skull taxidermy deer 2 skull taxidermy deer 3 skull taxidermy deer swan skull turtle shell