Firefighting Taxidermist

Or it could be Firefighter doing taxidermy.I like both and both can be a lot of fun.
When this website was made, I wanted to add some stuff about me being a firefighter because a lot of people don’t know that side of me.I work 24 hour shifts a couple times a week and I’m in the shop on the days I’m not at the fire station so I’m still pretty much fulltime at both.
This has been a busy year. I finally finished my Driver/Operator Pumps certification.I started in 2007 and got sidetracked taking my Fire Instructor,etc…I started on Fire and Life Safety Educator 2 but will probably be too busy to finish this year.I have also been trying to finish up a OSHA safety certification and was hoping to be done by now.I think I might have it at least by the end of 2013. I slowed down on classes because I’m starting my 2 year Fire Protection degree next week and was just going to concentrate on that for the most part.
I was on scene of a double fire fatality a few months ago and make it my personal mission to try and make something good of it all.I’ve been involved in our Fire Safety programs heavily the last few years but felt like everything should be expanded and more effort should be put forth.Since that fire a lot of progress has been made.
1. I made a Powerpoint presentation for Adults
2.I wrote a bunch of grants and also solicited a few businesses
3.Other new programs were started

I feel like the whole county has benefited from this. We haven’t publicly mentioned much but I made a call and 220 smoke detectors were donated to us.The company wished to remain anonymous.We decided to split these with all county depts.We were also given 200 9 volt batteries for smoke detectors.I decided to also split a few of these with the other departments so that if they don’t have programs in place to assist homeowners with changing batteries,maybe it would persuade them to start.
I took a Grant Writing class about a year or so ago and hadn’t had a chance to attempt it so I figured this would be a good place to start.As of now, we have only heard back from one.We were successful and got a $1,000 Fire Safety grant from Walmart.Some of the others assisted me with wording because anybody that knows me,knows I use a lot of slang.I know the process and most words that should be added but wanted to make sure my “slang” didn’t screw things
If you are in Gibsonville and would like to do a class on extinguishers,general fire safety,cooking safety,etc…give me a call.We can do classes for whoever.If you are not in Gibsonville but close by and would be willing to come by with a group,give me a call.
It frustrates me to no end seeing people making the same mistakes over and over.I will probably start making posts on here every now and then about Fire Safety.I feel like the more you see it,the more awareness you will have.There is no reason people should be dying from not having smoke detectors,there is no reason people should have non working 20yr old smoke detectors,I could go on and on.If you live in Gibsonville and ever need assistance changing batteries in smoke detectors,give us a call.If you know of anyone in need of a smoke detector,give us a call.

I havent got many recent pics but this one was after a recent training burn and the other is our newest truckDSCN2376

new truck