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Original art perfect for a beach house

I have gotten to where I pick up all the shells and driftwood I can when I’m at the beach and I try to put them together to form different things.The examples I will use for this post are a couple Mahi Mahi that I made from shells,driftwood,white sand,and crushed shells.If you have a beach […]

Taxidermy Show

We had the NC Taxidermy show last week.Chandler and Mason like to do stuff for the show but this year they will really dragging their heels and I didn’t think they would have their stuff completed.Chandler picked a bluegill and Mason picked a grey fox.They both learned a lot and had fun with it,other than […]

Firefighting Taxidermist

Or it could be Firefighter doing taxidermy.I like both and both can be a lot of fun. When this website was made, I wanted to add some stuff about me being a firefighter because a lot of people don’t know that side of me.I work 24 hour shifts a couple times a week and I’m […]