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Small game animals

I mentioned in a previous post that mammals could be done in many different ways.Some of the pictures I will be posting with this were work in progress and still drying/unpainted. With small game animals there are lifesize forms laying down,climbing,chasing dinner,howling,jumping,running. Pretty much anything you can think of.They can be done open mouth or […]

Get creative

There is so many options that can be used when putting a piece together but most often I’m paid to put a fish on a piece of driftwood or just mount a plain deer head to put on the wall.You can make splash bases,rocks,etc…with fish…With your mammal heads you can add driftwood or limbs.You can […]

Skull cleaning with beetles

We use Dermestid Beetles in my shop for skull cleaning. We do a lot of whitetails,bears,boars,coyotes,bobcats. A lot more people are going with the European mounts.Prices vary depending on the style of plaque used.You can also get your bird skulls cleaned and a few people have gotten me to clean Snapping Turtle shells with the […]

Turkey Time

It’s turkey season again. Good luck out there. If you are able to get one,there are many options available to display your trophy bird. Freeze Dried heads are used on all mounts.I also make a nice looking reproduction head that can be displayed with tail fan mounts. Give us a call (336)516-2576 Craig Wyrick 6869 […]