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Restoring Old Mounts

Repair and restoration projects can be time consuming and frustrating but in the end it’s fun being able to restore old mounts back to their original condition. Sometimes you end up with something that looks better than it did originally because of the technology, tools, and supplies that we have today. Some examples of projects […]

Big Game

We have years of experience in mounting large animals, including bear, African impala, warthog, wildebeast, deer, caribou, moose, elk, big horn sheep, and exotics from other countries. All our skins are tanned to better preserve them to last longer. You can choose almost any mount – from traditional to elaborate novelty and habitat settings. We can do any pose – open mouth or closed. We do life size, shoulder, half mounts and rugs.

Small Game

Hunters who are looking for a beautiful, life like mounts for small game turn to Wyrick’s taxidermy for expertly crafted results. Shoulder mounts, half mounts, life size mounts, and rugs are available for all kinds of small game, including any legal exotics. You’ll rest assured that your small game will be handled by our award winning service and long years of experience working on our own and with some of the best known taxidermists in the industry.


Snakes, lizards, frogs, alligator, and even tegus make great displays, whether you decide on a skin mount or a reproduction. We can use your reptile to accent your fish or other habitat. We’ve done a jumping frog with a bass, an alligator with a fish, and a snake with a lifesize deer. As a certified reptile taxidermist, we’ve won multiple awards for our creative and lifelike mounts.


As a certified fish taxidermist, we offer you the highest quality reproduction an skin mounts for your catch. Your choices of displays and habitats are almost unlimited: stringer mount, water splash mount, underwater habitat, even displayed with a cast of your hand. You may also opt to have your fish as a part of your large or small game habitat.


From the tiny quail to the tundra swan, at Wyrick’s taxidermy your bird will be professionally and artistically mounted to preserve its beauty for years to come. We’ve done hundreds of birds, and you’ll get the full benefit of our years of experience. We can do any size and any pose – flying, standing, or even swimming. Even if your bird has a large wound, we can most often recapture the original beauty.